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When life happens, which will you choose?

When life happens, which will you choose?

When life happens, which will you choose?

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Written by Ann-Margaret McIntosh.


I came in from work tonight ready to write this blog…and then life happened.  First, I got a notice in the mail that my payment for a speeding ticket wasn’t received and my license would be suspended in 10 days unless payment was sent in immediately.  I hurriedly got out my credit card and made the payment online…(frustration set in).

I then decided to thumb through the remainder of the mail and noticed two hospital bills from a recent unexpected ER adventure.  I opened them up and thought about the large amounts of money going to the hospital…(worry set in).

(Grumble, grumble)

Trying to stay positive but finding it increasingly more difficult, I poured a glass of my favorite tea and sat down to write the blog only to knock my glass over onto my computer and my brand new leather-bound devotional.  BIG SIGH.  I could feel the negativity creeping in…

At this point, there was a decision to make.  Would I give in to the negativity or would I choose otherwise?  I can honestly say tonight, I chose otherwise.  Here is how:

  1. Recently, I read in the devotional, Jesus Calling, that when life is difficult,it is a good practice to stop and simply say, “Lord, I trust you.”  It takes the mind off the problem at hand and shifts the focus from the issue creating anxiety to the God who is bigger than the problem.  The moment I said it, I felt a shift inside of me.
  2. Secondly, I practiced gratitude.  (Please know this does not come naturally for me.  I have been diligently working for months to become better at this).  I have a friend who posts three gratitudes a day on her Facebook.  I went to her page and read it.  Then, I read other’s gratitudes underneath her post.  By the time I was finished, I started counting my own…and there were many.

(Thankful, thankful)

IT WAS THAT SIMPLE:  “Lord I trust you.”  Then, I thanked him for stuff.


(…and now you’re getting a blog about it!)


Romans 8:28, right?

He works all the junk out for our good if we trust Him!
(Ann-Margaret paraphrase)

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