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Round Two!

Round Two!

Round Two!

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It’s hard to believe, but the study “Sand Surfers: Encountering God and Discovering Divine Purpose in the Desert” is about to go to print….again! If you have taken the study we would like to hear from you! Will you leave a comment or email us at SandSurfers@ignitewomen.com and share in a few sentences about how God used the study in your life? We would love to include your words in the new book!

Here are just a few examples of what some of you have shared:

“This study brought to life for me a portion of Scripture which, though I’d read many times, had never spent much time thinking about. I also learned that no matter what we do, God is always faithful on His end to bless, protect, and provide for His children!”

“Realizing that you are now God’s Holy of Holies changes a person. Those stubborn Israelites in the desert had God right in front of them – we (sometimes as stubborn!) have Him inside of us. Could He be any closer?”

“The lesson on our bodies being the Holy of Holies because of the Holy Spirit residing in us has ROCKED MY WORLD!!! I look at EVERYTHING I DO AND SAY differently now. I still shake my head in awe at that…….profound.”

“Sand Surfers assures me that even as I walk through a desert, God sees me – and wants to be seen by me. He will use what I’ve been through for his glory.. because that’s the kind of faithful, loving God he is.”

Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂

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