Join us in praying

Join us in praying

Join us in praying

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After getting ready for church last Saturday night, I had a few moments to spare so I began scrolling through my Twitter feed. I soon began to see some disturbing tweets about prayers for Rick and Kay Warren and the loss of their son. My stomach dropped. Oh no. No. No. Please don’t let this be true. I jumped over to the internet and the story was just coming out: Rick Warren’s son had taken his life. I quickly learned through several different articles that he had suffered with mental illness and depression all of his short 27 years.

Since this happened, the internet has been anything but silent. Articles and blogs have popped up everywhere, with everyone offering their thoughts on the Warren’s loss and the subject of depression and mental illness. I believe everyone wants in on the conversation because everyone – everyone – is somehow affected by this tragedy in one way or another.

Statistics on depression tell us that if you don’t personally suffer with depression, someone you know has or will. Virtually everyone at some point in their lives will grapple with the darkness of   depression in one way or another. It seems everyone has an opinion on the causes, remedies, and who or what to blame. But the fact remains: we are all touched by this sooner or later.

No doubt the conversation will continue over the coming days. It is my prayer, that as we join the conversation as women who profess the name of Jesus, we will do so with intentional grace, truth, love, and kindness. We don’t have to have all the answers. We don’t even have to pretend that we understand. But we can cling to the One who does. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, please seek help. Don’t carry this very real burden by yourself.

Will you join us this week in praying these things for the Warren’s?

That they will feel the power of the prayers that are being cried out to the Father on their behalf;

That they will feel and experience the closeness of their Savior during this time like never before;

That God will begin even now to use this horrible tragedy for good;

That their faith will become even stronger and their voices will be heard in a culture that tends to turn the other way when mental illness is addressed.

Let us continually remember them in our prayers.

God Bless.

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