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It’s raining, it’s pouring!

It’s raining, it’s pouring!

It’s raining, it’s pouring!

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Written by Paulette Stamper.

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I prayed what I believed to be a huge prayer about 8 years ago. What I didn’t know then, was that God’s answer was way bigger than my prayer.


I prayed God would surround me with women who were crazy in love with Jesus and craved His presence and activity in their lives more than anything else. When I said this prayer, I knew it was a big one. At the time, I wasn’t surrounded by any women, let alone women who were craving Jesus on the level I’m speaking of. When I moved from Kentucky to Indiana, I moved to a new town where I didn’t know anyone. When my husband and I finally found the church we believed God wanted us to be in, relationships didn’t happen as quickly as I had hoped. Looking back on it now, I realize God used this lonely time in my life to refine and kindle my deep hunger for Him, all the while preparing me for something I could have never imagined in a million years.


Like the first few drops of rain falling on a hot summer afternoon, God began sprinkling my path with women who shared my hunger for Jesus. One here, a few there. These precious women craved Jesus more than anything else and were desperate, just like me, to see God move in unexplainable ways in their lives. Our hunger for Jesus grew and we began praying for God to bless us with more women who longed for Him. Soon the sprinkle turned into a steady shower and I found myself surrounded by more and more women desperate for the Lord. Thunder began rolling in the background and lightning strikes filled the dark sky and before I knew it, I found myself standing in the middle of a downpour –


A holy downpour of women more desperate for Jesus than their next breath.


Have you ever noticed that everyone gets wet in a downpour? Even those that try their best to keep themselves unscathed under umbrellas the size of Texas still get wet because they just can’t stay dry in a downpour.


Ladies, it’s pouring.


I bet you’ve noticed. I bet some of you reading this have prayed for years like I have that God would surround you with other women who are desperate for God’s Presence in their lives. I bet you too, have sensed God stirring in the hearts of His daughters. A hunger. A longing. A fresh desperation…




If that stirs something in you, I am happy to announce, “You are not alone!” I believe more than ever before, the time has come for us to join hands, raise our faces to heaven and boldly pray, “Sovereign Lord, rain down on us! We are desperate for You!”


One of my God-sized dreams is to create a way for all of us who share these sentiments, to connect, a way for us to join together, a way for us to know – we are not alone.


Together, we can grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus.

Together, we can better serve one another.

And together, we really can change the world!


In the near future, you will begin to see many changes and opportunities made available through the ministry of Ignite Women. You will be given the opportunity to join a movement of women, who together, will make a difference. A global difference. So, stay tuned.


Can you feel it beginning to rain?

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