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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Jesus visited your church? What would he see? What would he experience? What would he say?
Join Ignite this September for our newest Bible study, Got Ears? Seven Letters, Seven Churches by Paulette Stamper.
Find out what Jesus said to those congregations and what he would say to ours now.
 Beginning Monday 9/25
Workbook required


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What if Paul’s extraordinary letter to the church in Corinth was written to believers living in modern day Las Vegas—or the ‘Sin City’ in our hearts?

Author, Bible teacher and speaker Cindy Bultema, whose own life has been touched by drugs, promiscuity and addiction, pulls back the curtain of time to unearth the riches of 1st Corinthians for us today, living in a shockingly similar culture of immorality, idolatry, and indulgence. With warmth, vibrancy, and lively insights into the ancient world, Bultema walks with us through scripture touching on themes of identity, unity, purpose, and purity. This study will equip you to live for God in a sin-soaked world and handle each situation with grace.

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