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Can you explain your life apart from God?

Most of us live a shadow of the life we’re called to. Perhaps more than any other book in the Bible, Acts shows us what life can be when lived in the power of God.

An Unexplainable Life

is an in-depth study meant to reignite a movement of the Holy Spirit in us individually and in our churches collectively.

  • Verse-by-verse study of Acts 1–12, spread over ten weeks (5 lessons/week)
  • Full of biblical, theological, and historical insights
  • Text-based discussion questions that truly provoke thought

Erica’s love for God, His Word, and His church shines on every page. She masterfully guides us deep into the text, challenging us with Scripture as she shares how it is challenging her.

Engage honestly with this study, and you will be changed. Go through it with a small group, and you will come away as a powerful force. Complete it as a church, and who knows what the Lord will do?

“Acts is the story of Christ’s mission becoming reality in the lives of His followers. To study it is an invitation for it to become your reality and mine.”

—Erica Wiggenhorn

Begins June 5th
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The pain of betrayal is paralyzing. Whether it seeps in slowly or smashes into your world like a wrecking ball, it’s hard to breathe, much less make any sort of forward motion. And it’s easy to stay stuck.
Journey with author Lynn Cherry as she facilitates and leads this online study that will help you discover a way through betrayal. With compassion and grace, Lynn will share with you the thoughts and scriptures that helped her navigate the virtual infidelity of pornography addiction. Each reading includes biblical truth, a daily affirmation, questions for reflection, and practical ways to respond. You will find encouragement and comfort as you interact with Lynn and with others who understand what you are experiencing.
While her journey with betrayal is specific to infidelity of pornography in her marriage, this devotional is for ANYONE who has experienced betrayal of any sort.

There is hope and freedom if you will put one foot in front of the other and Keep Walking.

Study begins March 29th

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 To learn more about the author, visit Lynn Marie Cherry or find her on Facebook