Indianapolis Ignite Leadership Team

Carla Abbott

Carla’s presence on the Ignite leadership team is appreciated by all as she exudes an endless supply of gentle encouragement and support. She states that she loves serving at Ignite because it helps her stay on track and keeps her adoring her Lord and Savior. Carla has a deep love for the Ignite women and anyone who comes into contact with her will feel loved and encouraged.

Danielle Hofer

Sarah Brennan

Peg Daly

Stephanie Wright

Dene Nidiffer

Dene is a leader’s leader with an open, authentic and welcoming spirit. She takes it upon herself to make everyone feel included and appreciated. Her gift of administration keeps the team organized, focused, and on task so that the mission of Ignite stays in the forefront. Dene’s love for Jesus and her desire to live authentically is easily observed through her endless commitment to encourage to others in their journey.

Paulette Stamper

Paulette’s love for Jesus is contagious. She would confess that at one time, she didn’t really even like women, but now her love for them is undeniable. Paulette’s tireless involvement as a women’s counselor along with teaching women’s Bible studies at her home church are a true testament to her passion. She desires for women to fall fervently in love with Jesus Christ and experience healing and freedom. Paulette has authored a 9-week Bible study called Sand Surfers: Encountering God and Discovering Divine Purpose in the Desert. She and her husband Jake live in Indianapolis, Indiana with their awesome dog, Max.

Kim Dollard

Kim leads with her spiritual gift of hospitality which allows everyone who attends Ignite meetings to feel welcomed and relaxed. She frequently shares a wealth of devotional resources which are uplifting and helpful, but most importantly she has a unique way of uniting and bringing people together through an ever so appropriately timed humor and laughter.