I hear Dolly Parton in my head

I hear Dolly Parton in my head

I hear Dolly Parton in my head

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STEELI bet a lot of you remember the movie Steel Magnolias. Come on, admit it. You know you love to laugh and cry with Sally, Olympia, Julia, Daryl, Shirley and of course Dolly. There are so many memorable lines from this classic movie, but one in particular stands out in my mind today. Remember at the end of the movie when Truvy’s husband surprises her with another beauty shop and she declares in her awesome southern style “I’m a chain!” Well, my dear Ignite sisters, We’re a chain!!

That’s right, Ignite is growing! And not just growing, we’re expanding and reaching down into the beautiful land of Kentucky! Within the next few weeks, Ignite will be meeting in the sweet, small town of Danville, KY, hometown of yours truly. I can’t tell you how excited I am by this! Over the last few months, I have watched in awe as God plowed and prepared a field of fertile soil for His Word to be planted through the ministry of Ignite in Danville.

Ignite’s mission is to ignite passion in the hearts of women for God’s Word, for His Son, and for service in His kindgom. We believe strongly in Jesus’ call to UNITY among believers. And we believe wholeheartedly that God’s Word brings healing and purpose to anyone who will receive His truth. This mission will move forward now not just in Indianapolis, but also in Danville!

So, to all the sweet ladies that will be joining Ignite’s community there in Danville, WELCOME! And to the precious Ignite gals that have been a part of the journey since the beginning….We’re just getting started! Hang on, it’s going to be one wild ride!

God bless our “chain”!


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