God Asked

God Asked

God Asked

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Written by Dene Nidiffer

Since just over three years ago, God had been asking me, pushing me, and providing me with some opportunities for change in my life. And I knew He expected me to act on these! It didn’t come easy for me… I looked at these particular things at times as hard and unreasonable because they all were things that I felt were my decision and not His. Plus I thought I had already obeyed Him by achieving success! My resistance caved finally to the realization that not listening wouldn’t cut it and that what may have seemed God’s will, may not be or always be, as we change and move through life. I share these from my perspective as I embarked on these changes…




Can you believe He asked me to sell my dream home?

After all, we had worked hard to buy that too-big-of-a-house that required lots of dollars to maintain and care for over the years.  We can never get that money back to share with others in His kingdom!


Can you believe He asked me to change my career path after 22 years of owning my own business?

After all, I had worked hard to own my business so that I could feed my own ego always thinking about work never stopping my worrying, no matter how hard I tried!


Can you believe He asked me to be more available to my family?

After all, I had worked hard to be that “career Mom with the best life balance possible” – oh right, like I could do that working full time. Never quite having enough time for my husband and daughter when they needed it!



Can you believe He asked us to send our only daughter to a completely different high school than the one we planned for year after year – the one my husband leads?

After all, every school is right for every child, right?


Well guess what?   He asked and I listened! I am thanking Him for these things every single day now! It wouldn’t be authentic to say that I never feel angst over these decisions at times, because I do, but what I know for sure is that He wanted me to recognize four important things–should we say “points in my life I’d lost track of”: financial strength, lose worry, be available to and for my family, and educate my child based on His plan!

I cannot hold it in any longer because He wants me to share with others how obedience has impacted me and why it matters to listen and obey!  As is stated in Jeremiah 20:9: …It’s like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it!

So now I ask, what is He asking of you? Why won’t you obey?   

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