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Written by Laura Dingman.

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When my daughter was about a year old, I started playing peek-a-boo with her.  I would hide her face with a blanket and say, “Where is Abigail?”  After a few seconds of building anticipation, I would pull the blanket for the big reveal and say, “There she is!”  She would just giggle joyfully—one of my favorite sounds in the world.

As she grew, her peek-a-boo game turned into hide and seek.  She would hide and would just wait for us.  Every night before bed, she would hide in her closet or under her bed and wait for us to come in and wait for us to find her.  She would then squeal with delight when we finally did.  We always knew where she was and she always hid anyway believing that we didn’t.

For Abigail, it wasn’t about hiding.  If it was, she would probably have been more creative about where she hid.  For her, it was about being found.  She hid so that we would find her.  Every kid plays hide and seek.  It’s kind of a rite of passage.  Although the aim of the game is NOT to be found, how fun would it be to play a game of hide and seek where you spent days hiding?

Something has changed in Abigail, though.  She doesn’t hide as much anymore.  Except when she gets in trouble.  Unfortunately, she’s been introduced to shame.  When she has done something wrong, usually we can’t find her.  Typically she is hiding in the same place—our guest room on the floor by the bed.  Strangely, I think she still wants to be found even in her shame.  Mostly because she wants to know that we still love her and that she’s covered in grace.

Are you playing a game of hide and seek? 

To you—the one who is longing to be found:

As a “Bible study” writer and teacher I feel like I should be thrilled and incredibly passionate about the material that I am writing and studying.  Like it should make me want to climb on top of a roof and scream, “This is AWESOME!”


Can I be really honest?  Right now I would rather crawl under a rock than talk about being found.  Oh, the irony.  The truth is, this topic—how we hide—is a difficult one.  It starts to dig at the places in our hearts that we just don’t want people seeing.  We would rather just leave it alone.  Leave it unseen.

But I believe that underneath all of the gunky exterior lies a beautiful nugget of truth.  We really are longing to be found.  Not found out.  Not exposed, but found.  Found and seen.  Found and accepted.  Found and understood, championed, and deeply loved. 

What if I told you that being found this way is possible?  We are longing to be found this way.  And Jesus is simply waiting to show us what that kind of life looks like.  Will you grab a hand and walk with me out of this tunnel of hiding?  I’m longing to see women in the church come out of hiding and start living the gloriously free life God intended for us to live.

We begin a new Bible study on Monday, September 9th at 6:30 and we’d love for you to join us.  I’m praying for your journey and for mine.  I’m asking God to reveal the hidden places where we play it safe—where we keep parts of ourselves locked up tight.  I’m trusting him to show us how to live in a way that strips away shame and covers it in grace.  There is freedom in being found.

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