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Written by Dene Nidiffer.

Dreaming really big is something that I have not let myself do as much as I used to, and frankly, it saddens me.  My personal dreams have centered more around my daughter while my professional dreams have been overshadowed by a downturned economy – the simple fact is that we [women] have to dream really big for ourselves, too and share it with God!  Dreaming really big and not getting what we dreamed for can make us not want to dream again.  We talk ourselves into thinking that we are protecting ourselves from any disappointment if the dream never happens. Then we begin to recognize that once again, the enemy wins.

God obviously wants me [and you] to dream really big!

He plopped The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson last week via a wonderful sister-in-Christ who knew after reading this book herself that we ALL needed to read it in our ministry leadership team.  She has never been more right and I can’t put the book down!  At just the right time I was able to use a direct reference from his book last week with my business partner.  [We rarely talk about religion and I honestly don’t know where he stands.]  When it comes to the future of our work, however, this statement taken directly from the book had to be discussed.  [Back story is that Mark Batterson is a pastor who is about to receive a huge contribution to his church]  The giver said to him:  “… We’re giving this gift because you have vision beyond your resources.”

What a powerful statement!  As a business owner it is imperative for me to have vision beyond my resources if I expect to grow and thrive in a competitive market and changed economy.  How could it be any different for us as individuals?

In another reference from his book he writes, “It’s easy to give up on dreams, give up on miracles, give up on promises.  We lose heart, lose patience, lose faith.  And like a slow leak, it often happens without us even knowing it until our prayer life gets flat!”  Did Mark write these statements just for me?

Let’s just say after opening his book, I have taken to “circling in prayer” over the past six days.  The reasons why don’t matter to this story, but I have been circling my house since I opened Mark’s book and will be circling tonight, seven times – just like the Jericho March!  God may not answer my prayer this time or He may.  He knows that I “get it” that He doesn’t want another prayer from me like He’s been getting!  He expects me to give Him all I have!

CircleOur prayer needs may look like this circle filled with lots of different directions and challenge; however, it is still a circle that we should strive to wrap in prayer boldly!

Mark Batterson reminds us that God honors bold prayers and bold prayers honor God!

What dreams or promises have you set aside?   Circle them in prayer!


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