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Comforts and Complacency

Comforts and Complacency

Comforts and Complacency

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Written by Ann-Margaret McIntosh.


I am a psychotherapist.  Part of that role is to comfort; however, a much larger part of that role is to create discomfort.  A former patient of mine playfully stated, “Ann-Margaret, you’re like a masseuse.”  She then described how a masseuse relaxes the body with gentle touch and then, at the right time, bare down on the sore spots as a way to release tension and stress.  We laughed together at this comparison, both realizing the truth in it.  The greatest part of my job is to create discomfort.  I know the only way my patients will experience freedom is to face their greatest areas of fear and struggle and come through on the other side.  Staying in the comfort zone may “feel” safe but it doesn’t make a person better.

So why do I get frustrated when the Holy Sprit does this for me?

Mark Batterson, in his book, Wild Goose Chase, states, “…over the years I’ve come to appreciate a unique dimension of the Holy Spirit’s personality.  Jesus called him the Counselor.  He comforts the afflicted.  But like a good counselor, He also afflicts the comfortable.”

I came to a place in my life where I was too comfortable.  When I am too comfortable, I do little for His Kingdom.  When I am doing little for His Kingdom, I come to a place where I am uncomfortable with my comfort level.  (Did you get that?)

Well, let me just tell you the Holy Spirit has called me right out of my comfort zone…and I’m scared…but I’m leaning on Him like never before and do you know what?  I can feel my heart waking up.  I don’t know what He has planned but I know He has my best interests at heart and I know He has the interests of others close to His heart.

Comfort in and of itself isn’t bad, but I want to pose this question to you:  are your comforts leading to complacency?  If so, confess this and ask Him how He wants to use you.

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