Called to Love

Called to Love

Called to Love

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Written by Dene Nidiffer


If you’ve read anything I have written for this blog over time you know I have an adopted daughter. She’s the “apple of my eye”, she “completes me”… she really is an amazing kid (her name is Delaney). She is smart, funny, witty, kind, beautiful inside and out! I feel like every time I think about her I envision God’s hands reaching down from Heaven with the most gorgeous wrapping and ribbon with a huge, full bow and some type of charm keepsake that you might use for décor or as an ornament on your Christmas tree for years to come. When I opened that present, she was a sweet, beautiful baby girl just waiting for me to be her Mom!

Fast forward…

About two weeks ago, she came out of her room, crying. She had her cell phone in her hand. And after calming down she told me that someone claiming to be her sister had reached out on Instagram…

WOW!!! We had a closed adoption

This was accidentally opened by a mistake made at our agency when they shared a piece of mail with our name and address on it. Part of God’s plan? I don’t know. Her paternal grandmother reached out to us on Christmas Eve of 2000 to let us know that she knew about our child and she thanked us for adopting her as she knew her son and his wife would not have been able to care for her. She also mentioned she would not reach out again. However, she didn’t promise to not tell our daughter’s siblings about their sister and so now we are back to the Instagram story…

Our daughter has three biological sisters ages 20, 17 and 16 and their paternal grandmother shared with them several years ago that they have a sister… and reminded them just two weeks ago of the same. It was for this reason that my daughter is now connected to her sisters.

Suffice to say there is a lot going on in my head. Excitement, relief, fear, concern…

I spoke to her sister on the phone that evening to confirm with her as well as to ensure that she understood that a door had been opened that cannot be closed and that I hoped she was ready for the role of oldest sister. She seemed genuinely interested and loving.   Since that day, D has been talking, Instagramming, texting, Facebooking and Snapchatting with each of her three sisters getting acquainted, asking all kinds of questions, laughing and seeing how much they are all alike even despite not growing up together.

I always knew this day would come, not just quite like this… through an Instagram post (goes to show you how much social media has changed the face of our existence).

My prayer is obviously that God remains a huge part of this journey and that He gives us the specific call to love D’s sisters so that I will be present, ready and able to them all as they journey through being sisters in the early stages of their time together. I pray for God to please help us through the many different facets of this journey as He knows that this has been a dream from D for a very long time and for Him to protect her as she is only 15 years old and is vulnerable and easily hurt.

I found this image of four sisters together and I keep it at my desk so that I can see it each day to remind me how lucky I am to have THIS daughter and now to be given the chance to add to our own family with the other three knowing someday that this image will be replaced with the real deal. Probably sooner than later.



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