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Advent Carol for December 21

Advent Carol for December 21

Advent Carol for December 21

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Written by Lise Caldwell


Cradled in a manger, meanly,
Laid the Son of Man His head;
Sleeping His first earthly slumber
Where the oxen had been fed.
Happy were those shepherds listening
To the holy angel’s word;
Happy they within that stable
Worshipping their infant Lord.

Happy all who hear the message
Of His coming from above;
Happier still who hail His coming,
And with praises greet His love.
Blessed Savior, Christ most holy,
In a manger Thou didst rest;
Canst Thou stoop again, yet lower,
And abide within my breast?

Evil things are there before Thee;
In the heart, where they have fed,
Wilt Thou pitifully enter,
Son of Man, and lay Thy head?
Enter, then, O Christ most holy;
Make a Christmas in my heart;
Make a heaven of my manger:
It is heaven where Thou art.

And to those who never listened
To the message of Thy birth,
Who have winter, but no Christmas
Bringing them Thy peace on earth,
Send to these the joyful tidings;
By all people, in each home,
Be there heard the Christmas anthem;
Praise to God, the Christ has come!

As Christmas Day approaches, the whirlwind of activity around you may be approaching gale force. Though this carol is obscure–I’d never read it before yesterday–I think it’s words are beautiful. Christ most holy can make a Christmas in your heart, but only if you invite him in. How will you include the guest of honor at your Christmas celebrations this year? And for those “who have never listened to the message” share it with them. For despite all the trappings of the holiday, without Christ, we “have winter, but no Christmas.” Winter of the heart is colder than any frost and more bitter than any blizzard. Send the joyful tiding: “Praise to God, the Christ has come!”


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